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What services can I offer?

I can provide research solutions for most public sector needs. In particular, I can offer:

I'm comfortable with taking the lead role on a research project, or with working as an associate and contributing my specialist skills to the work. Whatever your research need, I'll be happy to discuss it with you - if I can help, I will; and if I can't help, I'll tell you (and probably point you to someone who can).

My low overheads mean that I can be very competitive on costs. This means that you get high quality research, together with the added value of my experience and familiarity with local government, at a very competitive rate. I might be new in business, but I'm far from new to the business!

WARNING: An extensive internet scam, using Mystery Shopping to trick people into disclosing personal information, has forced many e-mail providers (including mine) to block all e-mails containing the words "Mystery Shopping" in the subject. If you need to contact me about mystery shopping, please email me using a different phrase (Customer Service Quality, for instance) in the subject of your email - otherwise I'll never get it, and - worse still - I'll never know I didn't get it!

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